Preparation & Care.

All cars undergo a full interior and exterior valet on site before they are advertised. We start by giving each car a thorough wash using various techniques to ensure the maximum amount of dirt is removed from the paint surface.

Next we move the car inside and towel dry it, this is normally a good time to assess the condition of the paintwork and decide how we should treat it...

The majority of our cars have been well cared for by their owners and just require a polish, for cars with weathered paint we often use a machine polisher to correct the paintwork and restore it to its original condition.

We use a vast range of products from your everyday high quality Autoglym products to more specialist products such as Menzerna and 3M.

Last we move onto the interior, working from the rear forwards cleaning it, not shying away from the hard to reach and sometimes not visible areas of the car. When needed we wet vacuum the seats and condition the leather.